What Is CCLS® and What Is It All About Anyway?

CCLS® stands for California Certified Legal Secretary, a program instituted by Legal Secretaries, Incorporated several years ago, to increase the knowledge and prestige of legal secretaries, by giving them the opportunity to achieve certification through study and testing.

Certification can be a passport to a more rewarding future and the opportunity to become increasingly valuable to the California legal community.

Those who have achieved this distinctive honor may advance their career by:

  • Qualifying for professional, personal and economic rewards;
  • Improving their knowledge of California legal practice and procedure;
  • Broadening opportunities for job advancement;
  • Enhancing self-confidence and respect within the legal environment.

Attaining certification upon successfully passing the examination: The comprehensive examination cover specific common areas of California legal procedures and skills, legal computations, communications, legal terminology, ethics, and law office administration.

Prerequisites and testing:

  • Must have two years of law office experience and approved testing application.
  • Duration of exam: Examination takes one day of testing.
  • Locations: Northern and Southern California. Additional locations as required.
  • Dates and Fees: Semi-annually in March and October. Fees subject to change.
  • LSI Members: Registration $15, Exam fee $95, Total fees = $110.00
  • Non-LSI Members: Registration $55, Exam fee $95, Total fees = $150.00

Study groups are available through local associations of LSI.

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